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Cosplayer Interview no.2: AdlezAkuseru!

Hello hello! Time for another interview! :D Even though no one reads this blog, i really like interviewing and putting this stuff together, and some cosplayers are just too great as to not interview them! :D Especially this one here <3

This interview is with AdlezAkuseru AKA Nadia from Denmark (like me! :D), who is besides being really friendly (i don't know her well, but i met with her and taken a picture or two of her and she is always so nice ^^) is a great cosplayer and she is EPIC at making props and crafts in general. I wish i could be that good at crafting & sewing T_T I'm really happy she said yes to being interviewed earlier today, and i really hope i can talk to her some more in the future!

Oh and again, big pictures ahead of ye! It would be sad to have small pictures when showing off pretty cosplays with lots of detail, right? :P

Before i start with the interview you of course need to have some links to where you can find her! So you can go check out all the awesome cosplays and stuff i didn't get to post here ;) Here they are:

DeviantART here!
Her website here!
Cosplay blog here!
And facebook fanpage here! Give her a like :D

Okay, so now to the interview. I will make sure to display most of her cosplays and the best selection of photos of them! :D

1. What’s your name?
My name is Nadia Axel.

2. Where do you come from and where do you currently live?
I come from Denmark, the little country just north to Germany and below Sweden. I grew
up there and I live there.

Nadia with no cosplay on!

3. What is your cosplayer name/what do you prefer being called?
My cosplay name is AdlezAkuseru or just Axel. "Akuseru" is the Japanese way to pronounce
"Axel" and Adlez is actually just "Zelda" written backwards..

4. Why do you cosplay?
Because it's fun and I get to use the full potential of my creativity. I also get a lot
of friends in the cosplay environment.

5. When did you start cosplaying?
I started back in 2007 where I cosplayed as Riku Harada (because I had short hair and had
no idea where to get a wig) from D.N. Angel.

Risa Harada from D.N. Angel (couldn't find a picture of her doing Riku) - Photo by Zarsu

6. How many cosplays do you have?
(oldest > newest)
Risa Harada - D.N. Angel
Kairi - Kingdom Hearts II
Wolfram Von Bielefeld - Kyou Kara Maou!
Wolfrm Von bIelefeld (nightdress) - Kyou Kara Maou!
Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass
Zero - Code Geass R2
Yami Bakura - Yu-Gi-oh! (the abridged series actually)
Link - Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess
Heather Mason - Silent Hill 3
Sora - Kingdom Hearts II
Midna (true form) - Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess
Nero - Devil May Cry 4
Angelo Credo - Devil May Cry 4

Nero og Angelo Credo are both made in cooperation with my partner, Zuum (You can find Zuum if you click here!), and she owns both cosplays as much as I do.

7. Did you make them all yourself?
Yes! I mean it's okay to got help but I usually always think out my own ideas and such.
In the beginning I got help from my grandmother but I eventually took over at made it all
by myself. As mentioned before, Nero and Angelo Credo were made in cooperation with Zuum
and they're the first cosplays I've worked on with another cosplayer.

8. Of all your cosplays, what is your favourite one?
Link - I really love my Link cosplay!

Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - photo by Zarsu

9. And what is your least favourite?
Hmm.. I think Yami Bakura. Because I never actually found some pants that fit, and the
t-shirt is lousy-made XD

10. What was your first cosplay?
Riku Harada, but I eventually borrowed a wig so I could use it as Risa Harada.

11. What is your newest one?
Angelo Credo & Nero - they were both made for the same date.

12.Which cosplay was hardest to make?
Angelo Credo.. I have never ever challanged myself and my partner so much. We spent 3
months of intense work on that cosplay. It was really insane.

Angelo Credo from Devil May Cry 4 -  Photo by Silas Ichi Staal

13. What project are you currently working on?
Right now I'm working on my Fenris (Dragon Age II) cosplay for SVS-con but I'm also
considering doing Samus Aran (Metroid Prime) for the show.. Besides that I'll be
starting on my Lightning (FF-XIII-2) cosplay soon!

14a. Have you ever performed on stage with an act? If yes, how many?
Yes, that I have. I believe it's 8 times now.

14b. If yes, what was your favourite performance?
My favourite will be from J-Popcon 2010 where I was Heather Mason and my partners were
bubblehead nurses and we were making a creepy-like dance-thing.

(This is the J-Popcon 2010 act. I remember it clearly since i was there myself, and it was fucking scary XD but they were so epic nice, you gotta watch this video if you haven't seen it! and again, i suggest full-screening or watching this in big on youtube so that you can actually see what's going on! ^^)

14c. And have you won anything by performing on stage?
Yes, that I also have :D
The first time I acted was in 2008 where my partner and I got "Best Craft".
Two years later in 2010 me and my partner won "Best Props"
Then later in 2010 at J-Popcon (the act mentioned before) we won 3 prizes. We got
"Best Group", "Best Music" and went 3rd in "Best Picture".
Then in 2011 my partner and I won the "Freestyle" prize at SVS-con and at this year's
J-Popcon we got the "J-Popcon Cosplay Award".
There's a more detailed overview on my website where the acts can be seen, too :D

15. Do you have a cosplay idol/cosplayer you really admire? If yes, who and why?
Pikminlink is the cosplayer I admire the most. She puts so much effort in her costumes
and her propping is excellent!! She's so awesome I don't even.

16. Do you go to conventions? If yes, which one was your favourite?
Yes I do. I really like the Danish Genki-con. That must be my favourite. Then J-Popcon and
then the Norwegian Desu-Con.

Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero version from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Photo by Laura Stenum

17. What are the next three conventions you are going to? Where and when?
SVS-con 2012 in Herning (Denmark)
UPP-con 2012 in Uppsala (Sweden - I'm not sure if I CAN go but I want to)
Desu-con 2012 in Oslo (Norway)

18. Do you plan to continue cosplaying for a long time?
I plan to continue for some years. I don't know if that's 2 years or 6 years because
I'm getting older and older and a new life seems to be uprising and you'll never know
if there'll be room for all you want.

19. Anything else you want to add?
I love propping, that's my area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's it for the interview. Liked it? I definitely did. I love getting to look all these pictures through and select the ones that goes on the blog here (they're all great though, so it's so hard to pick!) Again, i'm really glad this talented girl wanted to answer my questions, but now i have no idea who to interview next! XD Gotta find someone soon, maybe Yayahan (since she is epicly talented too).

Also Nadia, if you're reading this at all i hope you like how the interview turned out ^^ I hope we can talk some more in the near future! :)

As i said last time, my sister is still working on the layout. It's on standby since my sister is sick and have been for a long time, but it will be resumed as soon as my sister can and want to. So still no promises but the promise that it's going to be great <3

And as with the last interview i will end it with a couple of epic nice cosplays (and my favourite!) from Nadia since i couldn't fit them all into the interview! Happy December and until next time, take care!

Midna, True Form version from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Photo by Zarsu
I just want to drop a few words on this one. This one is probably my favourite cosplay from Nadia (i really like her Link too though) and i am so wowed by this. One of the best True Form Midna i have ever seen. I saw her in this one at Genki con 2011, and my first thoughts were OMG! that is such an awesome cosplay! And she has to be freezing her ass off, walking around in that (it's bodypaint, NOT a bodysuit!) and BAREFOOT on top of it all (since Genki wasn't that warm of a con even though it was early August) The patterns on the fabric is so well made (especially on the back!) and her headpiece is crafted so lovely, i don't even. So yeah. How can you not love that up there, seriously! (and it's even more awesome in real life, i promise.)

Wolfram Von Bielefeld, Season 1 version from Kyou Kara Maou! - Photo by Zuum

Sora from Kingdom Hearts II - Photo by Kami

fredag den 9. september 2011

Cosplayer Interview no.1: Skye!

okay, so since the game thing i did REALLY didn't work out at all, i got a new idea for breathing life into this little blog here.
Since i cosplay myself, and i know a few that does (and i am a fan of a lot whom i don't really talk to) i thought to myself: Why not interview some cosplayers, to see why they do this and promote their epic skills?

So i did that. I asked two people so far (first one haven't replied to my questions yet) and the second person is Skye, whom i have the interview with right here.

To me, Skye is a really really REALLY talented cosplayer, and i admire her work so much! I have actually met her once (though i bet she doesn't remember it XD) At a danish con called J-Popcon in the year 2009. She was hosting a panel about conventions in other countries, and she wore a really cute Elizabeth Middleford cosplay (from Kuroshitsuji). Her panel was really awesome, and i actually asked her a question after the panel because i was curious about how you make wigs and boots yourself. She was really sweet, and i found out later that she was also a cosplay judge and a very awesome singer! (she performed with a song that she did epicly awesome!) Since then, i've been following her on deviantArt and facebook, and her work is as amazing as ever.
She was also so generous as to give me permission to use any cosplay picture i wanted that is posted on her deviantArt account if i remembered to give the photographers credit! So i'll be posting a few out of many amazing pictures in the interview, to live it up a little! But i suggest you go check out her deviantArt account (after you've read the interview! ;D ) because there are just so many amazing pictures there. You can find her at !

But, now to the interview and the pictures! (most of the pictures are pretty big, but they have to be or else you can't see the details and such in the cosplays!)

Ciel Phantomhive and Elizabeth Middleford from Kuroshitsuji - Photo by Tracy

(The Kuroshitsuji cosplay i was talking about!)


1. What’s your name?

The person behind the cosplays!

2. Where do you come from and where do you currently live?
Originally from Singapore, currently studying in Melbourne, Australia~

3. What is your cosplayer name/what do you prefer being called?
Most people I know call me Skye, but I use Astellecia on deviantart and other cosplay websites because skye is always taken.

4. Why do you cosplay?
Fun, laughter, peace and joy~ well maybe except the peace part, cosplaying is anything but peaceful :D I like dressing up, pretending to be characters I like and I especially love cosplaying with big teams because there's always alot of crack and good times involved when we're rushing costumes together and preparing for performances.

5. When did you start cosplaying?
Did my first cosplay end of 2002, it was a pretty big failure, but I had lots of fun during that convention~

6. How many cosplays do you have?
way way way too many to name, I think I did slightly under 20 costumes last year alone. I think I've done maybe about 80 cosplays up to date? I've kinda lost track along the way, I just do whatever I want to do, I don't think very much about it ^^".

Banshee from Ragnorok Online - Photo by Shiroang

7. Did you make them all yourself?
Nope, I only started making my own costume around 3 years back, and I made my first few when I started out. Sometimes I get my outfits tailored if I'm short on time or if the costume is too difficult for my abilities, and sometimes I just modify them from clothing I already have on hand~

8. Of all your cosplays, what is your favourite one?
That's a tough one~ I like quite alot of them >.< Seth Nightlord is one of my favourites because up to date it's the costume I spent the most money and effort on, plus it was one of my dream costumes~ But I have alot of fond memories with Sheryl Nome, lion version and diamond crevasse version, because those are the costumes I did World Cosplay Summit with~.

Sheryl Nome, Diamond Crevasse version from Macross Frontier - Photo by garion

9. And what is your least favourite?
hmmm....possibly one of the first few ones I did, I look back in horror and go D: I COSPLAYED THAT? REALLY? D: THE SHAME. But I'm starting on a project to recosplay all the old cosplays I did now that my skill has improved~ Currently marked miyu, yuna and astarte off my list. All that's left now is Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle and Machi from HunterXHunter, guess those would be my least fav for now.

10. What was your first cosplay?
My first cosplay was Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu~ I dragged a couple of schoolmates in with me, and we sewed all our costumes from scratch with drafting help from a friend's mom. It turned out pretty okay for a first attempt, but I got hooked since that first experience.

11. What is your newest one?
Newest would be Ruby Moon from Card Captor Sakura, something I've been dying to do for the longest time, I cosplayed that with an amazing team of Melbournites, Singaporeans, Indonesians and Malaysians at manifest, we were quite an international team :)

Ruby Moon from Card Captor Sakura - Photo by Elaine Ho

12.Which cosplay was hardest to make?
Hardest to make would possibly be Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts. Her skirt gave me the most epic headache ever, I took quite awhile to conceptualize it and just as long to make it. I had to make a hoop skirt from scratch and modify it such that it opened in the front but kept a bell shape, I spent forever searching for materials to hold up the hoop skirt and finally ended up using copper wires. Unconventional, but it worked well~ Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica was quite a nightmare too, her collar is the most incomprehensible thing I've ever come across. I redrafted it about 4 times and I still couldn't get it to sit right on my shoulders >.<.

Will of the Abyss from Pandora Hearts - Photo by zerartul

13. What project are you currently working on?
I have a massive Sheryl Nome project on hand, I really love the character and I've done about 15 outfits from her, finally finishing up with about 3 more costumes which are all in various states of completion. Have a big project planned with missdeliri next year as well, we're hoping to compete together in Singapore if everything goes well, but at the moment I'm not actively working on anything, got a thesis to rush out by October ^^"~

14a. Have you ever performed on stage with an act? If yes, how many?
Many many times~ I used to take part in karaoke performances during event in Singapore, I started competing in group competitions and performances after I went to Australia, I learnt alot from the cosplayers there!! I really have to thank the WCS organizers I've met around the world who have given me opportunities to perform at their conventions~ They were all really eye-opening experiences ♥.

14b. If yes, what was your favourite performance?
My favourite was definitely WCS Singapore round 2009 :) The audience cheering was just amazing, and my partner Jill and I put alot of work into our performance so we were really happy that everyone enjoyed it so much~

(This is their WCS act at WCS from 2009. Just listen to her sing, she is so talented =O Also, i suggest you view this in big version on youtube or fullscreen it ;3 )

14c. And have you won anything by performing on stage?
Won a few group competitions in Australia and Singapore, best cosplayer in Comic Fiesta a few years back and a few others that I don't quite remember off the top of my head ^^" I don't really keep track of them.

15. Do you have a cosplay idol/cosplayer you really admire? If yes, who and why?
Too many to name D: I really admire Yaya Han from US and Cvy, Lenneth and Kanasai from Singapore, NJ, Jun and Kototi from Japan, Alberti , Ryoko-demon and Astarohime from Russia, Pinky and Orochi from Indonesia and possibly almost everyone in Australia for their costume workmanship :D. I also really respect the work of Sara and her photographer Chihane from Taiwan, they take the most gorgeous photos ever that have so much feeling and depth. To be honest, I think a good cosplay photo is as much the effort of the photographer as the cosplayer~ I love looking at the photos of Hybridre from Beijing, Shiroin from US/Taiwan and Kirawinter from Russia~.

16. Do you go to conventions? If yes, which one was your favourite?
Yeap. I don't have a particular favourite, but I really enjoy going to all the cons in Australia (because my aussie mates make everything fun!!) and attending conventions overseas because they're always a new experience.

17. What are the next three conventions you are going to? Where and when?
I'll be going to Main Animania In Sydney in 1 week's time, 17th/18th September to watch the 2012 WCS selection round for Australia, and then heading down for one day of Brisbane Supanova in Brisbane for the madman finals on November 5th, hopefully I'll get to perform at both events :) And erm...I think the next one should be Comic Fiesta in Malaysia on 17th and 18th December. Really looking forward to seeing my Malaysian friends again >//<~

18. Do you plan to continue cosplaying for a long time?
Possibly, my list of things to do is still pretty long. But if possible I'd like to cut down on my own cosplays in a couple of years and start abit on cosplay photography~

19. Anything else you want to add?


So, this was the interview. Again, thanks to Skye for doing this, i'm really happy since i admire her so much <3 i hope that you think this blog entry is okay, and i hope that you will come visit us in Denmark again one day :D

Also, my sister is working in periods on the new design for my blog, so the progress is slow but it's there! I can't wait to show you all how cute and awesome it's going to be! I don't know when the next interview is going to come (and with who) but i'll try to be brave and ask more of my totally epic cosplay idols for an interview ;3

At last, i will leave you with some more of my personal favourites from Skye's many cosplays!

Yuki Onna from Nurarihyon no Mago - Photo by ShinoMatrix

Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood - Photo by garion

Sheryl Nome (not sure what this version is called?) from Macross Frontier - Photo by zerartul

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Used Revive! Blog's HP was fully restored!

Okay, so i know i haven't written any blog entries for ages, and tbh i haven't really felt for this blog at all. Firstly, because i don't have the time or want to write huge novels about my everyday life. Also, because my life just ain't that interesting. ^^; But i'm going to try to be more active now, and there's going to be some changes to the blog.

First of all there's going to be a new design/layout on this blog. Because i am so fortunate as to have a big sister who is really skilled at drawing and doing layouts (she finished her education this year, working with mediagraphics or what you would call it in english) and she agreed to draw me some stuff for this blog. I don't know what it will be, but hopefully something with cakes or chibis or just something cute. <3

Second, i'm going to make this blog less about my private life, but mostly what my interests are. Like music i listen to, movies/anime i've watched, games i love, pictures of cakes i've made and general geeky stuff. So yeah. I'm still not going to write huge ass reviews of series or games or anything, probably stuff closer to "this series rocks. Go watch it nao!" or "don't ever watch this shit, shoot yourself first." And that would be pretty much it.

So yeah, that's what this is going to be about. Also, i'm going to do a new kind of game thingy that i found on FB through a friend, just to breathe some life into this blog (and because i really wanna do it, lol <3) So i'll make that entry in a minute.

So until i finish that entry i think you should take a listen and a watch at this music video.
LMFAO feat. Natalia Kills - Champagne Showers
This song is just addicting, and it makes me want to party hard. Also, i think those guys are pretty hot, especially SkyBlu. <3

So now i'll wrap this entry up. I'm not begging for comments, but knowing that at least one or two people read this would help just a bit. ;D So if you feel like doing the good deed of the day, please tell me your opinion of this entry. <3

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Blog Virginity = Gone

So, here it is.

A blog. Yeah. Surprised? Hope not.

Anyway; i was planning to make this first entry about a bit of every topic i wanna write about and some info about myself.

But you know what? I will never get such a entry done. I suck at big, long posts if i'm not inspired for it. And trust me, i'm not.

So, i've decided to make it this way: My blog entries will be about my everyday life. What i experience, both for good and bad. My thoughts about this life and everything in it, basically.

But yeah, there should still be some info about me right? Well, if you read this and think there's something you wanna know, you are more than welcome to leave a comment and ask me.

So, i hope that if anyone reads this at all, that you'll enjoy my blog (or hate it, as long as you read it :3 ) and that it's not completely insane that i've decided to write this.

Love & Hugs <3